Addressing Every Homophobic Khaleeji Argument Ever.

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1. “They must respect our traditions and culture!”

No. They don’t.

The identities, liberties and self-expression of a socially repressed minority are a bigger priority than the feelings of a repressive majority.

If such a majority chose to respect the minority, nothing would happen to their own culture or sense of identity; they are the majority, afterall. Not a single thing would happen to them even if the minority filled the streets with all their banners, and openly chanted their slogans for everyone to hear.

If the minority chose to “respect” the majority, then they would cease to exist as they are. They will have to compromise their identities, lifestyles, voices and autonomy.

This is why “respect” in this context is just a code word for submission; and those who demand submission are not entitled to respect to begin with, nor do they deserve it.

2. “Why can’t they just leave?”

Just as Muslims resisted injustices the spanned from the days Qurayash up until the patriot act, LGBTQ have the right to defend themselves and others from the widely popular support for censorship, imprisonment, displacement and/ or the death penalty that exist today.

If you oppose their resistance to such injustices, then you’re inadvertently arguing that Muslims (including Muhammad) should’ve also simply succumbed to the majority and left; in which case, you would have far more in common with the conformists and defenders of the status quo of their era.

In fact – by arguing that LGBTQ people should “simply leave” – you have already summoned a text book Anti-Muslim argument.

“But the liberals are the ones imposing their LGBTQ agenda on us!”

The LGBTQ minority is not imposing anything on you unless they are forcing you to engage in same-sex practices yourself. They aren’t, whereas you’re enforcing your
own religious values over them.

If LGBTQ identities and practices were decriminalised, your (and the majority’s) right to practice your religion would continue to exist; the one difference is that LGBTQ people would also have the right to engage in their practices and identities as well.

In other words, you’re not the victim; as much as you might feel this way. This is a scenario where you seek to dominate a minority, and a minority is merely seeking to defend themselves.

As terrified as you are by a liberal bogeyman, LGBTQ identities and practices are apolitical and have in fact existed before politics.

The presence of LGBTQ Arabs existed before Islam and Christianity, for that matter; if anything, this suggests that they are more authentically arab than both major religions.

What you refer to as “liberals” and “agenda” are merely LGBTQ people standing up for themselves against the religious agenda that you wish to continue imposing over them.

Defending oneself from the majority
is justifiable when they are acting unjustly towards a minority, as the case was in the suppression of Muslims, and in the case of Islamic suppression of LGBTQ people today.

“If LGBTQ acceptance is OK. Does that mean you support r*pe and p*dophiIia too?”

Same-sex relationships between two consenting adults isn’t comparable with r*pe and pedophilia since the latter two neglect consent and rely on abuse.

In that sense, same-sex relationships have more in common with interracial relationships; which were also largely unpopular for the same reasons a lot of khaleejis oppose same-sex relationships today.

Who did actually tolerate r*pe and pedophilia, though? I can’t help but think of a specific religious figure who married an underage girl and supported the distribution of women and even more underage girls as sex slaves.

I’m just talking about Genghis Khan, obviously.

This only further strengthens the case for resisting against certain religious values.

“But same-sex relationships spread diseases!”

There isn’t a single disease that spreads due to two partners being of the same-sex; the one thing that does spread illnesses is the lack of safety precautions between partners of all sexes.

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (or PrEP) is a highly effective medicine that is taken to prevent getting HIV, and HPV vaccines are equally as effective ; they are now administrated for men and women of all ages.

That fact that our countries have neither says more about our countries than it does about LGBTQ people.

“But the LGBTQ agenda say people could be whatever gender they want to be!”

This may be mind-blowing (brace up), but gender has always been separate from sex; and it has been this way for thousands of years (source cited below), just as the concept of “nationality” is separate from “ethnicity” today.

The latter is widely accepted today, and it isn’t considered “unbiological” nor “unscientific” to – for example – state that someone is “German” (Nationality), while they are of “Tamil origins” (Ethnicity); just as the term “German” could either refer to someone’s nationality or ethnicity, they term “woman” could either refer to someone’s gender or biological sex. Hence, prefixes come in handy.

The same can can be said about the term “mother”, which generally refers to women who birthed and raised a child. However, the term is also used to refer to adoptive mothers as well. We tend to call both mothers, and use prefixes such as “adoptive mothers” and “biological mothers” in instances where this distinction needs to be made.

However, almost no one is on a crusade against adoptive mothers for “misusing language” – because most people are actually aware that similar terms can have multiple meanings. In the case of gender identity, there has been over 4000 years worth of documentation of the terms being used interchangeably (and with prefixes) to relation to both gender identity and biological sex.

One social construct, whereas the other is biological. However, even “the biology” is not as linear as one may think.

In fact, MRI scans on 160 transgender people reveal more similarities to their gender identities than they do with their visible “sex”. (Source: Julie Bekker, University of Liege).

“But they are mentally ill!”

Despite this study, a lot of people would still like to cite the “high rates of mental illnesses among trans people” to discredit trans identity.

A disproportionate population of intersex people also suffer from numerous mental illnesses. Would that also suggest that being intersex is a “mental illness”? Obviously not. It is a physical, observable condition the exists beyond the chemical functions of the brain; and it does happen to come with different mental conditions for numerous (including societal) reasons.

The same can be said about trans people in relation to this study, as it showcases clear, physical differences between the brains of trans people and cis people; one that makes them physically and biologically (as far as the brain goes) closer to the gender identity; not a mere chemical inbalance that caused them to delude themselves.

By that argument, one might as well cite the fact that 50% of women and 40% of men suffer from mental disorders (source: NIHM) to argue that “cis identity is therefore a mentaI disorder” (or being American, for that matter)

The “Gender diverse cultures” map by PBS is an interactive map of all the cultures with multiple gender identities to this day.

The common ground among many of these cultures are the limited influences of “Judaeo-Christianity” (Primarily on Native American, African, Maori, and Asian tribes) which was one of the primary movements to strictly merge sex with particular gender roles and identities.

It is a far more recent transition.

To a lot of people, It sounds completely bogus that these two were ever separate, though it’s not anything new whatsoever.

“Yes but my religion represents objective morality, as it is the word of God. They must submit to it.”

Whether your god (Or Darth Vader) exists or not is irrelevant to whether others are obliged to worship him or forcibly submit to the values of those who do.

I’m just talking about Darth Vader, obviously.

Even if we were to assume that you are correct about his existence, it doesn’t sufficiently justify their positions against those who don’t wish to submit to his commands or the values of his followers.

LGBTQ people, feminists and secularists are all still more deserving of their own dignity than you are deserving of their submission.

A lot of people seem to equate the supposed existence of their god with the existence of
“objective morality” – even if we were to assume that he does exists, it has no bearing on whether his judgement is objective, just and rational or narcissistic, emotional (source: a couple of books he supposedly wrote) and deranged.

In all cases, those who don’t wish to submit to – ehem – Darth Vader or the comical values of his followers are fundamentally entitled to their autonomy and self-defense.

In conclusion: the vast majority of the khaleejis who oppose same-sex relationships think that the following is halal: 1. Marriage between a man in his 40s to an underage girl (a particular religious figure). 2. Sexual slavery.

Yet, they are convinced that they have more superior values than consenting adults in same-sex relationships.

All in all, those who oppose same-sex relationships will ultimately share the same fate as those who once opposed interracial relationships; irrelevant and forgotten in the dustbin of history.


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